Sebastian Kripfganz

Lecturer (assistant professor) in Economics,
University of Exeter Business School, Department of Economics
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Journal Articles
Kripfganz, S. (2016).
Quasi-maximum likelihood estimation of linear dynamic short-T panel-data models.
Stata Journal 16 (4), 1013-1038.
Working Papers
Kripfganz, S. and C. Schwarz (2015).
Estimation of linear dynamic panel data models with time-invariant regressors.
ECB Working Paper 1838, European Central Bank.
Work in Progress
Kripfganz, S.
Unconditional transformed likelihood estimation of time-space dynamic panel data models.
Kripfganz, S. and D. C. Schneider.
Response surface regressions for critical value bounds and approximate p-values in equilibrium correction models.
Binder, M., S. Kripfganz, and T. Stučka.
Determinants and output growth effects of debt distress.
Kripfganz, S. and D. C. Schneider.
ardl: Estimating autoregressive distributed lag and equilibrium correction models.
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University of Exeter
Business School
Department of Economics

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